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Kotlin for Backend Developers

Training concentrated on Kotlin JVM backend ecosystem like Spring, Ktor, or pure Java applications. Workshop covers Kotlin exercises, best practices for backend, and core coroutines library features.

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Kotlin for Android Developers

Most popular training, concentrated on Kotlin in Android. We go through Kotlin features and semantics while building an Android application. We also teach about best practices in Kotlin Android development.

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From Java to Kotlin

Intensive learning during which group learns how to move a project from Java to Kotlin in an expressive and idiomatic way. During this course, we are going through Kotlin semantics and features, and we learn how to make migration efficient.

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Kotlin Coroutines

This workshop covers asynchronous programming in Kotlin using coroutines. It covers all both build-in support for coroutines, as well as deep dive into kotlinx.coroutines library.

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Effective Kotlin

The workshop designed for a group of practitioners who are willing to polish their Kotlin skills and improve their project. We will concentrate on good design, best practices, common mistakes made by Kotlin developers and other tips relating to Kotlin.

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Custom workshop

We custom each workshop to the Client's needs, but if you need workshop that is totally different from presented above, let us know by contacting us. If we won't be able to help with our trainers, we will help you find a right person.

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In last years Kotlin has become a primary language of Android development, highly supported language for Spring development, and popular alternative to Java in general.

We conduct workshops because it is one of the best ways to support project migration to a new language and to quickly learn how to efficiently use a new language.

  • We always adjust training to your needs and level of experience of your team.
  • We support learning with practical exercises and challenges - we believe that effective training needs to be as practical as possible.
  • We always have extra exercises prepared for those who are progressing faster. It is important when team members have a different level of experience.
  • We provide notes, cheatsheet, and slides, so your team can easily use new knowledge in the project.

Your trainer

Marcin Moskała

Marcin Moskala is an experienced Android developer passionate about Kotlin since its early beta release. He is the creator of Kot. Academy and author of the book “Android Development with Kotlin”. He is Kotlin evangelist and the main author on the biggest medium publication about Kotlin: blog.kotlin-academy.com He is also the author of libraries like ActivityStarter, ArcSeekBar, KotlinAndroidViewBinding, and PreferenceHolder.

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